Rule #1 – If we don’t take care of the customer… somebody else will!

Family owned and operated at the same location since 1954. In the beginning Gilbert and Stella were making pants and suits for customers of all shapes and sizes. Across from Gilbert’s was a television station (CHCH TV) where wrestling was filmed every Friday night. It became a ritual for the wrestlers to come over after a match to get fitted up for their special sized clothing. They then went upstairs to enjoy a steak dinner cooked up by Stella. Those were the days when you not only dressed your customers but kept them fed too!!!!

The little store that grew is the single largest Big & Tall store in Canada. We highly recommend a visit to our store in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to receive the best fit. Parking is available for 24 cars beside our building. There is no handicapped accessible washroom.

Gilberts LogoWe are able to provide all manner of clothing, twelve months of theyear. If you’re looking for beach wear in December or a winter coat inJuly we are able to check stock on the premises and advise you of theitems’ availability. Not everything available in our store is mentionedon our website so please don’t hesitate to ask about anything you mightneed. We will be happy to check our stock for items not on the websiteand if necessary get back to you.

Our store particularly specializes in hard to fit clients. Ladies,some of our clothing can be considered unisex. We carry a respectablerange of S. Cohen Athletic Fit suits, for men whose upper body is shapedlike an upside down triangle if you will! We have dress pants up tosize 80 high rise. Some styles of pants and or jeans have up to 38″ or40″ leg. Dress shirts with an extra large body fit are available andmade by Hathaway and in limited sizes by Alexander Julian. Our tall tiesare extra long for the man with the 19″ or larger size neck. OurRedwood short sleeve T-shirts go up to size 7X Tall and the fit isgreat! Our stock of Sansabelt pants and shorts is not found anywhere inCanada. We carry tall, regular and low rise Sansabelt pants. As a matterof fact the low rise style was designed by Gilbert and in honour of histailoring contribution the model is named “Gilbert”.

Fitting and tailoring suits on the premises is one of our significantservices. An off the rack suit by Saville Row, S. Cohen, or CambridgeClothes will be adjusted to fit comfortably and attractively. Dependingupon the alterations needed you may be required to return for a “try on”before your suit is complete. Your suit can be easily complemented byour wide selection of tall or extra stout dress shirts and extra longties.

Another “best kept secret” is our ability to supply theatres andmovie companies with in stock clothing dating from the seventies to thepresent day. Our period clothing collection which includes three piecesuits, double breasted suits, plaid pants, plaid sport jackets, cansupply your needs for the tall and hard to fit actor. An appointment maybe required to view period stock. Please call and let us know the typeof clothing needed for your show.

And finally, we would much rather have you visit our store than tohave you make your purchase over the phone. We’re funny that way. It’sbecause we want the clothes we sell you to fit properly. Yes, we’re allabout fit. That’s why we’ll ask you “twenty” questions before wedetermine the right size and style of clothing for you. That’s where our53 years of experience fitting our special cut clothing comes in handy.It’s not about selling you just anything it’s about the importance ofselling you a garment that fits properly. Your patience with our way ofselling clothing is appreciated.

Thank you to all our customers who have had faith in our desire toserve you to the best of our ability and welcome to our new customers,we’ll do our best to dress you in style and comfort…and remember rule#1!